We offer a wide range of driveway options including all aspects of decorative concrete, exposed aggregate, paved, crushed rock, Lilydale toppings and asphalt.

Water Features

We offer a diverse range of water features including natural looking creek beds and waterfalls, reflection ponds, architectural water curtains and spill ways.


Planting out a garden takes careful planning and care. The planting aspect in the design is one of the most important things you will do when creating your new landscape. A poorly thought out planting schedule can result in property damaged, death of plants, crowded messy planting requiring costly removal.

Style Scapes takes all considerations into account such as matured size of plants, preferred conditions, soil structure and quality, sun, shade, wind, water requirements and of course your preferred style. Whether you would like a tropical oasis or a native bush garden Style Scapes will hand select the stock ensuring the very best quality plants for your landscape.


Style Scapes provides a full irrigation service, we will tailor design a system to suit the needs of your property. We use only the best quality materials in our systems to ensure an easy to use, problem free fully automatic or manual sprinkler system.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Style Scapes is proud to have extended their services into the lawn and garden maintenance sector enabling us to keep your investment of a new landscaped garden looking good. Far too often we have returned to job that was beautifully landscaped to find that the maintenance had been neglected.

We look at this that once the initial investment has been made in the landscaping a well maintained garden should increase in value of your property as the plants grow and mature.

Style Scapes can produce a fully programmed schedule to suit your needs which may include.

Pavement and Tiling

At Style Scapes we have experienced paviours that will turn a dull boring area into beautiful entertaining patio. Paving is a very specialized field, best left to professionals. Style Scapes has the knowledge and expertise to complete the most difficult jobs with precision and quality. We identify any possible complications and advise you on the best and most cost effective way of doing the job. We realize that your paved area is a decorative addition to your landscape, with this in mind we like to think outside of the square, adding things like concealed drains and flush mount lighting which keeps the paving neat and clean without unsightly drains etc.


Decking can be used in your landscape to create fantastic entering areas. Having timber strategically positioned in your garden can give a great contrast against plants ,grass, stone and other landscaping materials. Decking can be used to create interest with the ability to make level changes and interesting angles relatively easily. Style scapes uses only quality materials to ensure longevity.


Style Scapes takes care of all aspects of your concrete needs in your landscape from shed slabs, exposed aggregate drives and pathways to resurfacing existing concrete. We have some unique options with concrete that can be included into your design.

Instant Turf and Lawn Establishment

Style Scapes can supply and install a suitable variety of lawn for your landscape. We access soil conditions, watering capabilities, sun exposure and do a maintenance evaluation to determine which variety will work best for your situation. We can even install a synthetic grass for those who want a total maintenance free lawn.


Style Scapes uses a variety of quality Mulch’s. The mulch selection will depend on the style we aim to create. Mulch is very important to the health of you garden as it helps retain moisture in the soil, increases the nutrients found in the soil and helps in preventing unwanted weed growth. We also give you the option of installing a high quality water penetrable mulch mat which helps guard against some weeds.

Overtime as the mulch breaks down it should be replenished and we advise that mulching be added to your programmed maintenance items. The frequency of this will depend on the variety mulch used. Information coming soon.

Low Maintenance Gardening

Being based on the Mornington Peninsula, Style Scapes is frequently landscaping holiday homes. With this we have become somewhat specialists in creating low maintenance gardens as we realize the last thing you want to do on your holidays is spend them pulling out weeds and watering plants. With this style of garden Style Scapes uses a select variety of native plants that require minimal pruning and watering that are suited to the conditions on the Mornington Peninsula. We insure a weed free sub base and materials are used, along with a mulch mat to minimize weed growth. A soft leaf Buffalo grass is normally used in the lawn areas which requires less upkeep than other varieties. Structural items are normally built to suit the area letting timber grey to blend with the environment etc. Exposed aggregate driveways and paths are a fantastic addition to any low maintenance landscape as they require no upkeep other than a quick sweep every now and again.


Style Scapes has a range of fencing and gate options including paling, brush fencing, posts, merbau (vertical and horizontal), masonry brick, rendered, cypress screens, corten, stone clad granite, limestone and more. We can come up with a unique design that will help create your desired overall look for your landscape.


Style Scapes can design and build you Pergola to suit your needs. It may be a basic four post open structure or a fully lined semi enclosed pergola.The pergola has a real place in today’s landscapes and often becomes the hub of your outdoor entertaining area. Items you may want to think about including in your Pergola are built in BBQ, seating, dining table, outdoor fire place, build in speakers, hot tub, outdoor television etc.

Stone Work

Style Scapes has a variety of different stone work options available. These options include stone wall cladding, authentic and manmade dry stacked and pointed joints. Mornington Peninsula limestone natural granite. Style Scapes is proud to have a stone mason on the team who learned the trade in the traditional methods in Scottland. (known as diking) Grant has bought his methods of diking too Style Scapes which enables us to offer you this rare service of traditionally built stone walls. So wether you want a stone wall that looks like it was pulled of a medieval castle or modern entry stone facade we can help you.

Outdoor Lighting

Why only enjoy your new landscaped garden 50% of the time when you can light it up and enjoy it of the night time as well. Landscape lighting brings another dynamic to the garden, which we really don’t think any garden is complete without. With most of our lighting we are looking to just accent light certain areas or features of the landscape which creates shadows and mystery which gives the garden quite an amazing feel. We use only high quality light fittings (marine grade stainless steel) and cable to ensure a problem free system.

Retaining Walls

Style Scapes offers a range of different retaining wall options including:

  • Engineered Retaining walls
  • Stone Walls
  • Brick Retaining Walls
  • Treated pine sleeper walls
  • Railway sleeper walls
  • Builder Walls

These are just a few of the different retaining walls we can do. As always we like be creative with our work and if you are looking for a one of a kind retaining wall we would love to create it for you.